WildSkript is addon to plugin Skript that increases the set of events, conditions, effects, expresions and this add new elements.

Simple application:
# New Event:
on server list ping:
	# New Effect
	set motd to "New Servr's Motd"
	# New Expression
	set {_x} to server's motd

When you refresh the server list calls the event 'on server ping', then set the motd and finally the value of the current motd is saved to a variable '{_x}'.

All new elements are fully descriped in corresponding tabs: Events, Conditions, Effects and Expressions, Types, Objects and Collections


They are elements divided into a lot of effects, expressions, conditions or even events.

Custom Inventory

It's one of objects. It has a lot of possibilities starting at new inventory for player, up to inventory menu[simple GUI]

On Script Start:
	# Register new custom inventory
	new Inventory "Test"
	# Register row for "Test"
	# Register new item for "Test"
	"Test".Inventory.setItem{5, diamond of fortune 4 named "Name" };

command /inv:
		# Display custom inventory "Test"
		"Test".Inventory.display{ player };

Object example - Custom Inventory


One of the widest WildSkript's possibilities. It adds functions, to Skript's syntax. However it's also a kind of complex, so it has some elements.

# Function Event:
function "Utils.replaceJar" { }:
	set {_arg} to farg-1
	replace all ".jar" with "" in {_arg}
	return {_arg}

on script load:
	set {_x} to return of function "Utils.replaceJar" { "Skript.jar" }
	send "%{_x}%" to console

Complex example - function